Escape from Xibalbá: Adventures of Eek

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Puzzle / Adventure

Puzzle game starring by Eek, a mayan kid who falls into a magical cave and get trapped in the Xibalba: the mayan underworld. You must control Eek, avoiding death warriors, evil priests, giant skeletons, and other demons who wander in labyrinths looking for fresh souls. There are 40 labyrinths you must find the way out through a magical portal which is opened by collecting green jade stones scattered along each level. To get back home, Eek must defeat "Hun Came", an evil god who lives in the Xibalba and that wouldn't let him go alive.


– 14 tutorial levels to get started
– FREE version: 10 challenging puzzles
– FULL version: 39 challenging levels and 1 final level in which you fight the evil Hun
Camé in an epic battle
– 7 enemies with different skills you must avoid and kill in order to escape
– Diverse items and improvised weapons scattered around the labyrinths you can use to
crush your enemies
– Virtual joystick control and only 1 action button to push, lift, throw and attack
– Gamecenter integration (leaderboards and achievments)
– And much more!

Press Kit